Round 5 Challenge

In the final round, the prize-winning round, we will repeat the last challenge. Again, your team mind will be pitted against several other team minds. The competition map, of course, will be new. It will also contain negative cells, jump cells, warp cells, and death cells. The jump and warp cells may offer your robot opportunities to hit richer fields of cells, so your analysis of the map should be more intelligent.

The Organiser has not changed (except for a minor cosmetic update), and you may continue to test with sample maps from previous rounds. This round will also contain a few more new sample maps. Please download and File In

The optional cosmetic update will make Death cells gray so that they’re much more visible. Just File In the file if you want.

Your familiarity with the previous round should ease this round for you. You know what to expect, more or less. You can hone your team mind to do a better job.

Good luck.