Round 4 Challenge

In Round 4, you’re given a map (which may contain negative cells, jump cells, warp cells, and death cells) with multiple robots from competing teams executing their strategies. Collisions in a cell by two or more robots will divide the energy value among the robots.

There is a new JRMPC Organiser for this round and Round 5. Using your current JRMPC image, FileIn the following file: JRMPC-Game. Then, FileIn JRMPC-Phase4.

You will notice that there are two new buttons, plus and minus, in the top right. These buttons allow you to add or remove robots. To simulate opposing teams on the map, assign a different mind to each of the other robots. You may do this for any of the sample maps you’ve been playing with from Rounds 1 through 3, as well as a couple of new maps.

For Round 4, please name your team minds with the first 4 alphabetic characters of your secure code. So, for example, if your secure code is WXYZ987654, your team mind should be named “WXYZ”. This way, your team’s robot can be identified on the simulation. I hope this is clear. If not, please email me.

Please note: unlike the earlier rounds, the only way you can know how well you fare against other teams is by submitting a solution. Our simulation will use minds from different teams on the same map.

Good luck.