Round 3 Challenge

In Round 3, you’re given a map (which may contain negative cells) with three special kinds of cells:

  1. Jump cells, signified by a triangle, will cause your robot to jump a specified number of cells in the direction that it’s moving.
  2. Warp cells, signified by a square, will cause your robot to “warp” to some location on the map. It could be close by, or it could be far away.
  3. Death cells, signified by an ‘X’, will cause your robot to die and terminate the simulation. Obviously, you want to avoid these cells.

Download the following file and File In to your Pharo image (the one you created for Round 1 with the JRMPC Organiser): If the Organiser is already open, close it and re-open to see the new Phase 3 sample maps in the dropdown list.

Good luck.