Green Light for JRMPC!

JRMPC registration has closed. I am pleased to announce that we have the final list of teams for The James Robertson Memorial Programming Competition. Thirty teams will compete for $13,000 in prize money. This is the richest purse for a school competition in Canadian history!

Eighteen schools from thirteen cities and three provinces all across Canada will compete:

St. Michaels University School (Victoria)  
St. John’s School (Vancouver)   
John G. Diefenbaker High School (Calgary)  
Robert Thirsk High School (Calgary)  
Webber Academy (Calgary)  
Strathcona High School (Edmonton)
Waterloo Collegiate Institute (Waterloo)
Centennial Collegiate Vocational Institute (Guelph)  
Westmount Secondary School (Hamilton)
Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute (Toronto)
Woodbridge College (Vaughan)
Langstaff Secondary School (Richmond Hill)
Henry Street High School (Whitby)  
Bayridge Secondary School (Kingston)
A.Y. Jackson Secondary School (Ottawa)  
Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School (Ottawa)
Nepean High School (Ottawa) 
St. Patrick’s High School (Ottawa)

Here is the list of participating teams: Let’s give it up for these 120 brave digital warriors!

Starting on January 31, 2020, you will be able to follow the progress of the competition and the ranking of the teams at our leader board:

On January 10, 2020, we will make available on this blog all the material necessary for Round 1 of the competition, including the specification of the challenge. This will give the teams additional time to prepare.

In fact, we will publish all the material for every round at the start of each round. In this way, everyone can follow along and “compete,” even if they’re not directly participating in the competition. It’s all in good fun!

Speaking of fun, here are some fun videos of the Smalltalk programming language:

Let the games begin!